8x16 Metro Garage

Color: Tan, white trim, white metal roofing

RENT-TO-OWN 36 Months:$152.55+tax & NO Security Deposit

RENT-TO-OWN 60 Months:$122.04+tax PLUS $150 SECURITY DEPOSIT

CASH PRICE: $3,295.00+tax

10x12 CABANA

Color: Treated Wood (Seminole Cedar) with Cedar Shingles

RENT-TO-OWN 36 Months:$141.44+tax & NO Security Deposit

RENT-TO-OWN 60 Months:$113.15+tax PLUS $150 SECURITY DEPOSIT

CASH PRICE: $3,055.00+tax

12x16 Side Lofted Barn

Color: Cedar Urethane and trim with hunter green metal roofing

RENT-TO-OWN 36 Months:$212.96+tax & NO Security Deposit

RENT-TO-OWN 60 Months:$170.37+tax PLUS $150 SECURITY DEPOSIT

CASH PRICE: $4,600.00+tax

If you don't see what you were looking for, NO WORRIES!   

We can custom order a building for you!

Current delivery time for CUSTOM BUILDS are approximately 8 weeks due to unusually high volume at the manufacturing plant. 

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